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Haft Sīn

Posted by
Expose (Tehran, Iran) on 20 March 2008 in Lifestyle & Culture and Portfolio.

The Haft Sin:
Haft Sîn (هفت سین) or the seven 'S's is a major tradition of Nowruz( Persian's New Year Celebration). The haft sin table includes seven items specific starting with the letter S or Sīn (س) in Persian alphabet). The items symbolically correspond to seven creations and holy immortals protecting them. Originally called Haft Chin (هفت چین)[citation needed], the Haft Sin has evolved over time, but has kept its symbolism. Traditionally, families attempt to set as beautiful a Haft Sīn table as they can, as it is not only of traditional and spiritual value, but also noticed by visitors during Nowruzi visitations and is a reflection of their good taste.

The Haft Sin items are:

* sabzeh - wheat, barley or lentil sprouts growing in a dish - symbolizing rebirth
* samanu - a sweet pudding made from wheat germ - symbolizing affluence
* senjed - the dried fruit of the oleaster tree - symbolizing love
* sīr - garlic - symbolizing medicine
* sīb - apples - symbolizing beauty and health
* somaq - sumac berries - symbolizing (the color of) sunrise
* serkeh - vinegar - symbolizing age and patience

Other items on the table may include:

* Sonbol - Hyacinth (flower)
* Sekkeh - Coins - representative of wealth
* traditional Iranian pastries such as baghlava, toot, naan-nokhodchi
* dried nuts, berries and raisins (Aajeel)
* lit candles (enlightenment and happiness)
* a mirror (symbolizing cleanness and honesty)
* decorated eggs, sometimes one for each member of the family (fertility)
* a bowl of water with goldfish (life within life, and the sign of Pisces which the sun is leaving)
* a bowl of water with an orange in it (the earth floating in space)
* rosewater, believed to have magical cleansing powers
* the national colours, for a patriotic touch
* a holy book (e.g., the Qur'an, Avesta, Bible, Torah, or Kitáb-i-Aqdas) and/or a poetry book (almost always either the Shahnama or the Divan of Hafez)


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Alfredo J. Martiz J. from Tokyo, Japan

Beautiful composition Pooyan, pleasant Photo, Happy New Persian Year!

20 Mar 2008 12:04pm

charles from Chicago, United States

yes,beautiful composition as well as excellent rendering of colors.

nicely capture.
and the framing really works on this.

20 Mar 2008 1:33pm

danthro from Suburbia, United States

beautiful setting. great light and color.

20 Mar 2008 6:08pm

shahab from Qazvin, Iran

Very beautiful Haft-Sin shot!Nicely done!Happy New Year!Wish you the best!

23 Mar 2008 11:44am

eksir from malayer, Iran

سال نو مبارک

24 Mar 2008 8:31am

alex centrella from Califronia, United States

nice image......

5 Apr 2008 5:18pm

رضا نيا from Iran

very nice . . .

6 Apr 2008 9:28pm

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States


7 Apr 2008 1:48pm

jishoo from ahwaz, Iran

هفت سيني كه چيدي و عكس گرفتي بهترين عكس هفت سينيه كه تا حالا ديدم

8 Apr 2008 4:43am

Saeed from Tehran, Iran

Great 7 Sin :)

8 Apr 2008 6:20am

omid from mashhad, Iran

خیلی زیباست و دوست داشتنی

3 Dec 2012 11:14am