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Expose (Tehran, Iran) on 18 March 2008 in Miscellaneous and Portfolio.

Chahārshanbe-Sūri "Persian Festival" Means "Fireworks Wednesday"

Story :

Chārshanbe-Sūri (Persian: چارشنبه‌سوری) is the ancient Iranian festival dating at least back to 1700 BCE of the early Zoroastrian era.The festival of fire is a prelude to the ancient Norouz festival, which marks the arrival of spring and revival of nature. Chahrshanbeh Suri, is celebrated the last Tuesday night of the year. The word Chahar Shanbeh means Wednesday and Suri is red. The bon fires are lit at the sunset and the idea is to not let the sun set. Bon fires are lit to keep the sun alive till early hours of the morning.The celebration usually starts in the evening. On this occasion people make bon-fires on the streets and jump over them. The young shoot lots of fireworks before and during Chaharshanbe Suri (literally: Feast Wednesday).

The tradition includes people going into the streets and alleys to make fires, and jump over them while singing the traditional song Sorkhi-ye to az man; Zardi-ye man az to. The literal translation is, Your fiery red color is mine, and my sickly yellow paleness is yours. This is a purification rite and 'suri' itself means red and fiery.Loosely translated, this means you want the fire to take your paleness, sickness, and problems and in turn give you redness, warmth,and energy. There is no religious significance attached to Chahar Shanbeh Suri and it serves as a cultural festival for all Iranian Jews, Muslems, Armenians, Turks and Zoroastrians alike. Indeed this celebration, in particular the significant role of fire, is likely to hail from Zoroastrianism. In addition another tradition of this day is to make a special Ajeel 'Mixed nuts and berries'. People wear disquise and chadors and go door to door knocking on doors. Receiving of the Ajeel is customary, as is receiving of a bucket of water. Iranians celebrated the last 10 days of the year in their annual obligation feast of all souls, Hamaspathmaedaya (Farvardigan or popularly Forodigan). They believed Faravahar, the guardian angels for humans and also the spirits of dead would come back for reunion. These spirits were entertained as honored guests in their old homes, and were bidden a formal ritual farewell at the dawn of the New Year. The ten-day festival also coincided with festivals celebrating the creation of fire and humans. In Sassani period the festival was divided into two distinct pentads, known as the lesser and the greater Pentad, or Panji as it is called today. Gradually the belief developed that the 'Lesser Panji' belonged to the souls of children and those who died without sin, whereas 'Greater Panji' was truly for all souls.

NIKON D300 6/1 second F/13.0 ISO 200 82 mm (35mm equiv.)

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Amirali from United Kingdom

بسیار زیباست قربان، دلمون تنگ شده چقد! ....امیدوارم سال خیلی خوبی داشته باشید

18 Mar 2008 10:06pm

@Amirali: .ممنونم امیر جان،من هم برای شما سال بسیارخوبی را در انگلیس آرزو دارم
نوروز مبارک و ایام به کام

Reza from Montreal, Canada

Really wonderful shot. Very beautiful.
And I wish Happy Nowruz and Happy New Year for you.

19 Mar 2008 3:28pm

ida from TEHRAN, Iran

wow! wonderful...

19 Mar 2008 5:28pm

Suzanne Labbé from Granby, Canada

Fabulous. Thank you very much for sharing with us - the great picture and the text.

19 Mar 2008 11:31pm

shahab from Qazvin, Iran

Wonderful!Very well done!Thanks for the useful information around this beautiful celebration.

23 Mar 2008 11:40am

danthro from Suburbia, United States

excellent shot. spectacular capture of fireworks. is this the grand finale? that's a lot of fireworks up at once. thanks for sharing.

8 Apr 2008 10:08pm

Sal from Rotterdam, Netherlands

VERY nice!

10 Apr 2008 1:42pm

6/1 second
ISO 200
82 mm (35mm equiv.)