Nazri food

Posted by Expose (Tehran, Iran) on 17 January 2008 in Food & Cuisine and Portfolio.

Nazri in Persian means : Donation Food
Nazri is a general name for a donated food in Iran. People are not ashamed to receive such food because they look @ it as a holly thing. Exactly like Jesus blood ( WINE ) in churches .
We specially making this food in Mohharam month.( Islamic holy Month )
This photo has been taken in 2006 in my uncle in law house.

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Alireza / عليرضا
Amir Sooki / امیر سوکی
Mahdi Behtash / مهدی بهتاش
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Farhang Payam / فرهنگ پیام

Nader Kohansal from Tehran, Iran

Very beautiful and smooth sepia. Very good description. Many thanks for sharing.

17 Jan 2008 6:01pm

Pooyan from Tehran, Iran

Thanks Dr. Kohansal
That's My pleasure to have your kind comments on my photos.

17 Jan 2008 9:26pm

Chris from South Jersey, United States

very nice use of depth of field and I like the sepia effect.

18 Jan 2008 12:49am

danthro from Suburbia, United States

nice shot. i agree about the DOF effect and sepia. i like how you can see the steam rising too.

18 Jan 2008 10:13pm

TONYwith2Ns from San Diego, United States

I love this, great color, great usuage of lines with the rice pots. good job. Thank you for your comments too!

21 Jan 2008 8:38pm

shaahin from tehran, Iran

Hi there pooyan!!
I didn't know u r here ;)
Great shot with ur old and lovely camera ;)

22 Jan 2008 10:08am

PiXeLaRt from Larestan, Iran

...جالب بود
!تا به حال این جور فضاها رو از نگاه دوربین ندیده بودم. به امتحانش میرزه

23 Jan 2008 11:22pm

Kristen Piece from Brooklyn, United States

all your shots are wonderful. you are a master of lighting indoor and out. very enjoyable blog. PEACE

26 Jan 2008 5:24am

Twelvebit from Victoria, United States

You have a lot of fabulous images of Iran posted. I hope you're finding outlets to publish some of these images --anywhere, perhaps, that travel photos are published.

7 Apr 2008 1:55pm

1/69 second
ISO 50
9 mm


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